Meet our team!

One of the most commonly heard phrases I hear at Bliss is “I cannot believe how easy this was”. We as women have programmed ourselves to assume it is going to be extremely difficult to find a wedding gown. Yes that is true to an extent; so many options to choose from, what shape is Read More

Watters Trunk Show

As bridal store owners we are always on the lookout for new bridal lines that will suit our Okanagan clientele. It is always important to stay current and keep up with what is new and exciting in the bridal world. During our trip to Atlanta last year for bridal market, we became acquainted with the Read More

Our New Home!

On September 7th 2011, Graziano Group Ventures purchased Bliss Bridal Kelowna. Fast forward five years later and we are moving the bridal boutique to a brand new 4100sqft space in the lower mission. Since the beginning our days have been filled with learning all about the world of bridal, prom, and special occasion wear; but Read More

Keep Calm and Wait for Prom

Today I want to talk about prom. A topic I haven’t discussed in detail yet, but plenty of grads have already been into the boutique lately and I can feel the panic already settling in. So here’s the good and bad about social media. The good, each school has a prom Facebook group so ladies Read More

Let’s Talk Money

When a bride has decided to make an appointment with us to come and try on wedding gowns, one of the most important things she needs to know before walking in the door is her budget. Money is extremely important, and it is equally as important that we all feel comfortable discussing it. We don’t Read More

The Perfect Fit

One thing that seems to always be a question for many of our brides is alterations. This tends to be a topic that is overwhelming because most of us don’t really understand how the whole process works. I myself had no idea the amount of time, skill, and back crunching hours go into making these Read More

New York New York

Every job has its problems. Things you have to put up with, tedious tasks, long hours. But every job has its perks, something to look forward to that only you get to experience because of the nature of your business. That for us is the bi-annual bridal market. Wedding gown designers operate just like fashion Read More

Bridesmaids… Where do we start?

Hands down one of the more complicated parts of planning a wedding is organizing your bridesmaids. Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start (yep that was a Sound of Music reference). First up, decide on how many bridesmaids you will be having. Sounds simple enough but I say this because Read More

What’s there to think about?

Often an overthought part of finding a wedding gown I believe is the moment after a bride has found a dress that she has fallen in love with. The tears have come, everyone is smiling, the bride can’t imagine anything better, her family is happy. Is it the say yes to the dress moment? Now the Read More

Fall in love with Bliss

How do you approach something that you have never done before? I guess you just have to jump right in and hope you rise to the top. I’ve begun this blog so that there can be an online discussion or instruction manual if you will, on what goes on in our daily lives at Bliss. Read More