Fall in love with Bliss

How do you approach something that you have never done before? I guess you just have to jump right in and hope you rise to the top.

I’ve begun this blog so that there can be an online discussion or instruction manual if you will, on what goes on in our daily lives at Bliss. We have a pretty good team of ladies (if I do say so myself). We work hard, laugh, cry, and occasionally talk about men. But mostly our lives are completely immersed in the world of bridal and prom.

Sequins, lace, satin, and crinoline has become our tools of the trade we are passionate about. We spend the days scouring our racks for something to fit the current bride/grad we are working with to make them feel and look beautiful, sophisticated, and just a hint of sexy… or sometimes a little bit more sexy. But most importantly, we really just want our ladies to have a wonderful time in our store and feel good about themselves when they exit our world.

Our beginnings at Bliss start with making an appointment. Simple enough right? One thing that you will find with us is that we are dying for as much information as possible. Hey we can’t help it, we just want to get to know you (and know what we are in for).  

Every first time bride in our store receives a  1.5 hour appointment with a fabulous consultant to work specifically with her and her party. Your gown expert for the day will take you to your private podium room and chat with you about any visions you may have already about your dream dress, wedding location, and how much $$ you want to spend. Money is important, we want to get it right, so we want to make sure you are trying on gowns that are realistic for you to acquire instead of making you sad (no one likes a sad face bride).

At this point your fearless leader will take you out for the fun part where you can pick out five gowns (six if you can crack a good joke) to start off with. Once you are done picking, it’s time for your guests to get comfy as the show begins. Now this is when your fearless leader’s real work begins.

She will study each gown you are in, how it makes you feel, how your party responds to it, and your initial reaction when you see yourself in the mirror. After the first round, it is up to the consultant to hunt for anything that may have been overlooked for you to try on.  Hopefully we have gained your confidence by this point to trust trying something new on.

The process takes a different amount of time for everyone, but the end goal is always the same. Our hope is always that we are able to find the perfect gown in our store. A gown you fall madly in love with, and also a gown you can get excited about throwing that good old plastic down for. When you are happy, we are happy (trust me, we write smiley faces in our book when we have a new bride to call our own). So let’s start there, let’s get to know each other, let’s share the knowledge we have learned from being in the world of bridal with brides who are entering the world of bridal.

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