The Beauty of Straps


For the last few years a leading trend in the world of bridal gown fashion was to have a strapless dress. Most of the gowns designed in a bridal line are strapless still today. However we are seeing more brides coming in with a vision of something different. Straps that adorn a beautiful wedding gown and create a different kind of magic to their overall bridal look and feel. If you are looking for something with a strap look to designers such as Hayley Paige. Her gowns truly showcase straps in all their splendour with interesting shapes and beaded detail. Some of our favourites are:










Her twist on bridal is one of the many reasons we fell in love with her designs, as she will create a beautiful strapless gown and follow it up with the most amazing piece to overlay the bodice to give you straps and the illusion of more detail on the chest, shoulders and back. If your budget will allow for one of her pieces and you are looking to wear that really unique and gorgeous bridal piece than look to Hayley Paige to find the right dress for your wedding day.










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