Keep Calm and Wait for Prom

Today I want to talk about prom. A topic I haven’t discussed in detail yet, but plenty of grads have already been into the boutique lately and I can feel the panic already settling in.

So here’s the good and bad about social media. The good, each school has a prom Facebook group so ladies can keep track of who is buying which dress. The bad, when one buys a dress the others start to panic, and slowly the panic builds and builds.

Let me give you a quick breakdown of how we order prom dresses and when they are expected to arrive into the boutique. Every year in August we head to Atlanta for the annual Prom Market. All of the designers are housed at the America’s Mart, and they each put on fashion shows about 3 times a day and in between shows the gowns are available to see up close.

Prom Market is my favourite market. Seeing all of the different colours, styles, and beadwork on display for the upcoming season is so much fun. And it makes me wonder why I can’t go to prom every year…

So this year we ordered gowns from Sherri Hill and La Femme. Both of these designers we carried last season and have become our two biggest lines. Seventy five gowns from Sherri Hill and forty eight from La Femme are being made for our store as we speak. I can’t wait for them to arrive.

We also looked at two new lines this year. The first is Ellie Wilde, a designer that is housed under the label of Mon Cheri. Her signature prints and bold colour choices made us fall in love instantly with her collection. We ordered twenty four right away.

The second was the Madeline Gardner line from Mori Lee. The lace and beadwork detail of the gowns this year is gorgeous and impossible to ignore. We ordered fifteen of these gowns as well.

Now here is where things get tricky; due to all of those companies on the internet that love to sell you images of great dresses and then send you a potato sack, these designers keep their 2017 images under lock and key. So yes we ordered 150+ prom dresses last week; however the designers do not provide us with images of the gowns until they arrive into the store.

So prom ladies this is where I need you to have faith. I know it’s easy to start seeing your friends posting that they are buying dresses online but I really want you to wait for our gowns to arrive. I know it’s hard! You are going to have to wait until November to actually try on any of the new styles but I PROMISE it is worth the wait.

Now here comes the lecture. Let’s say one night you are on Pinterest looking at images of prom dresses and then you get directed to a website. Let’s say its called Oh wow, pretty prom has all of these images of Sherri Hill gowns. And oh my they are all 75% cheaper then what a Sherri Hill gown usually costs! I better click and buy and save some money. Fast forward 8 weeks later and a scary little dress that can stand up by itself arrives from who knows where and it looks nothing like the photo you fell in love with. This is the issue with online shopping; you have zero idea of where these gowns are coming from and what they actually look like in person as they are NOT sold from authorized dealers. The images are being stolen from designers, the dresses are copied and what arrives is not authentic which is why they cost less.

So why not come to us! Where you can actually see, feel, and try on the gowns you like and then purchase them from a reputable dealer. And even then, if we are ordering in a dress for you then we can at least guarantee the quality of the gown. Don’t get me wrong, saving money is great but sometimes you end up spending more money by buying dresses online and then still ending up in a store later on to buy a dress that you wanted in the first place.

So I guess what I am really asking of all of you is to keep calm and wait. The gowns are on their way, I promise you will LOVE them.

Can’t wait to see all of you in the fall, follow us on Instagram and Facebook because we will notify all of you right away when the dresses arrive!

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