Let’s Talk Money

When a bride has decided to make an appointment with us to come and try on wedding gowns, one of the most important things she needs to know before walking in the door is her budget. Money is extremely important, and it is equally as important that we all feel comfortable discussing it. We don’t want you to feel shy about that number you have in your head, we want to know so we can make sure we find you the perfect gown within the specific price point that works for you. It doesn’t do anyone any good if a consultant finds you a dress that you fall in love with, but turns out it is $1000 above your budget. Red Flag!

Our gowns range in price from $800 to $6000. We make sure we have plenty of variety within these price points so we can show our brides several choices within each price range. Another trait we pride ourselves on is being creative. If we have all the information up front about style, wear date, and budget; then we will surely be able to pull something out of our hat that’s going to work. It’s important to put trust into your consultant. Our girls know the inventory inside and out and backwards so the possibilities are endless.

Now one thing I want to touch on is Pinterest. Yes we all love it, we sit on our couches in the evening staring at photos whizzing by our eyes, we pin lovely images to our boards hoping that someday the fantasy will become the reality. But the beauty (and the beast) of Pinterest is that all these images of these gowns show no prices! So while it is helpful if you bring in photos of styles you like to show your consultant, it is important to remember that potentially those gowns could be out of your price range. But that’s okay! Our super consultants will find something as if not more fabulous for you that you can confidently say yes to.

So what I want to do is give you a quick rundown of all the designers we carry in bridal, and roughly what their price points are. That way if you already know you love a specific designer then you can already be prepared on what the gowns under that umbrella run for.

Hayley Paige – Price range from $2500 to $5000HP

One of the hottest bridal designers in North America is Hayley Paige. With her fashion background that includes working at Elle Magazine and Melissa Sweet Bridal, her design element is high fashion, and fantasy rolled into one. The intricate beadwork of her gowns alone sets her truly apart from every designer out there. Last summer when she got married, she created three bridal gowns for herself and then incorporated them in her collection. Proving to everyone that not only is she a creative soul, but she is wonderfully generous and is willing to share even her own wedding style with the world.

Pronovias – Price range from $1800 to $3000Pr

A Spanish label based out of Barcelona; Pronovias has been at the forefront of lace, embroidery, and high quality silk. Originating in the 1920’s, high society women and royalty were huge fans of the brand and always turned to Pronovias for their big day. Flash ahead to today and they are one of the biggest brands in the world available in 105 countries and over 4000 boutiques. Women who are looking for an elegant, lace, and form fitting gown always tend to gravitate towards Pronovias. When you are looking for something lace, there really is no one better.

Maggie Sottero – Price range from $1200 to $3000

One of the most versatile and widely recognized names in the business, Maggie Sottero’s signature designs originate in Australia. Their ability to create such an expansive line every season is wonderful to see as they truly incorporate every bride there is out there. Their inner corset construction of their gowns is desired by brides as it gives them the best shape possible and makes them feel beautiful from every angle.mag

Sottero & Midgley – Price range from $1800 to $3000sot

The couture line of Maggie Sottero is something we are really proud to have. All the elements of construction, fabric choice, and style are elevated to a higher level with the Sottero & Midgley brand. So if you are looking for the cut and construction that Maggie has to offer but something a little more fashion forward, then this is definitely the brand you want to be looking at.

Watters – Price range from $1200 to $3000watter

A new addition to our boutique, Watters is one of the up and coming brands everyone should be checking out. WToo and Willowby are lines within the Watters brand that we currently have been carrying for about six months now and so far women are loving them. Watters classify their gowns as “Napa Valley chic with a touch of laid back elegance”. Well what could be better than that for the Okanagan? If this is your first time hearing about this brand you must check them out right away.

Mori Lee – Price range from $800 to $2400

A label designed by Madeline Gardner out of Hoboken, New York; Mori Lee Bridal has a wide range of gowns that can be anywhere from a destination wedding to a traditional wedding. The beauty of this brand is that they have such a great price point for the bride with a more modest budget, but the design element is never modest. So whether its destination, backyard, church, or winery; Mori Lee will have a gown for you to fall in love with.mori

Stella York – Price range from $700 to $1500stell

An Australian label that is run under the Essence of Australia brand, Stella York is known for its romantic fairy tale approach to wedding gowns. Their ethereal viewpoint makes these gowns stick in your memory forever. The quiet elegance translates so well to most brides because they feel so happy in the dresses.

Allure – Price range from $1400 to $2500all

A brand that originated as a retail store, Allure Bridal has turned itself into a company with 3 separate collections as well as a collaboration with Madison James. What sets Allure apart from everyone else is that they have actually had their inner corset construction patented so it cannot be duplicated. So while the inner construction of the gown makes women feel fabulous, it helps accentuate the beauty of the beadwork, lace, and shape of the gown. One can always tell a true Allure gown by the signature buttons down the train. This lovely attention to detail makes them a wonderful brand to work with.

Each one of our designers has something special and unique to offer our brides. We take pride in working with these designers and making sure we have a vast collection of pieces that will suit all of the brides that walk in our store. And in your quest for the perfect gown, if you find a dress from one of our designers that you fall in love with but we don’t have… Not to worry! We will special order it for you. At the end of the day our main goal is to help each and every bride find the gown of her dreams. So follow your Bliss and come see what we have to offer!





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