Our New Home!

On September 7th 2011, Graziano Group Ventures purchased Bliss Bridal Kelowna. Fast forward five years later and we are moving the bridal boutique to a brand new 4100sqft space in the lower mission.

Since the beginning our days have been filled with learning all about the world of bridal, prom, and special occasion wear; but at the same time our evenings were filled with visions of the future that we didn’t know necessarily had a place in reality.

There have been countless Hollywood films that depict the glamour and high end lifestyle of wedding gown boutiques, but it wasn’t until Say Yes To The Dress came along that women could really start to get a firsthand look at what it really is like to work in a place like this.

These shows gave us the opportunity to see how these boutiques ran their appointments, used their space to the maximum benefit for their brides, and it also gave us inspiration for how we would potentially create a new space if the opportunity ever came about.

Obviously that is now where this little story came about, the opportunity presented itself! In April my sister made her way to the south mission area and became entranced by this brand new beautiful building on the corner of KLO and Tutt St. She immediately ran back to the boutique to share with me the treasure she had found. Literally a blink of an eye later we found ourselves standing in this amazing space staring up at the 18 foot ceiling and second floor mezzanine…. We had found our new home.

Now it’s hard to put into words exactly the amount of discussion, brain storming, planning, guessing, predicting, and praying that went into the next few weeks. There was very little sleep, very little eats, and a LOT of trips to the chiropractor for stress related neck spasms. I personally have never purchased a house before, but I would imagine the stress of taking the plunge to uproot your business would probably be about ten times the stress of buying a home. But again, that’s just a guess.

Regardless, when you are passionate about something you just have to close your eyes, let go, and leap. So that’s what we did. We said yes to a new building, a new landlord, and a new outlook on what we could do with this bridal boutique.

Now you can never really know where you are going, until you know where you have been. So while the last few months have been spent creating a plan for the future, it was also time to really get a firm handle on what has made us successful here downtown.

One element of our business which we really pride ourselves on is our consultants. These women have a real passion for this business and their main goal is to provide their brides and grads the knowledge to make an informed decision. They love what they do and it really shows. We cannot wait for their expertise to shine even more in the new space.

We of course will be taking all of our stock with us! Now just because the space is bigger doesn’t mean the prices get bigger; all of our gowns that brides have come to love will be there as well as some new additions. We are introducing a new line of wedding gowns all under the $1000 price point, and we will be adding Essence of Australia to our list of designers we carry.

Our core values of customer service, custom tailoring, and private appointments with your own consultant will still be our key ingredients to having an amazing experience. Our goal is to heighten the experience by having a state of the art space, new private change rooms, floor to ceiling windows to provide natural light, and a beautiful reception area to relax in while waiting for your appointment to commence.

What we perhaps are most excited about is that we are finally able to give our grad girls their very own floor! The entire second floor will be dedicated to grad; their own change rooms, podiums, computers, and mirrors.

Plus the added benefit of the second floor is the beautiful staircase leading into the reception area. We are already envisioning evening runway shows to showcase new collections. The possibilities are endless and we can’t wait to see what we can achieve.

So it’s safe to say we have a very big year ahead of us and we are going to work ridiculously hard to make sure this new space is even more successful than our downtown location has ever been. We hope everyone shares with their friends and family this exciting news and we hope to see EVERYONE at our grand opening!

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