What’s there to think about?

blogOften an overthought part of finding a wedding gown I believe is the moment after a bride has found a dress that she has fallen in love with. The tears have come, everyone is smiling, the bride can’t imagine anything better, her family is happy. Is it the say yes to the dress moment?

Now the general consensus is to go away at this point and think about whether or not it’s the one. The theory surrounding this is spot on; it’s a big purchase, this is the gown you will wear on the most important day of your life, you can’t decide too fast or you will regret it. All of these factors make complete sense, however when you think about it, what is there really to think about?

Let’s jump back to the moment when your fiancée got down on one knee and asked you to be his wife. He has done everything to make the moment special. He’s picked a venue, he’s wearing a nice little button down, he combed his hair for once, he has bought a big beautiful ring (we hope), now he is asking you the biggest question of your life (probably the only bigger question then is this the dress).

Now at that moment when he has finished the magical sentence and he’s staring up at you with giant puppy dog eyes, does anyone in that moment really feel like they need to think about it? Do you need to go away and sleep on it? Do you need to go try on a few other men and see if they fit better? Do you need to ponder this question and exhaust all your other options? Nope, I don’t think so.

 I think in that moment you know right away that all you want to do is cry, laugh, and say yes! And hey if your mind is saying no…. Well I think we are talking bigger problems here. But my point I think here is simple, when you know you know.

The same philosophy goes with men as it does dresses. If you put on that gown and your skin is tingling and your mind immediately races to that moment when your fiancée would first see you in this dress, then I think you have found it and you should jump on it. What’s the point of driving yourself crazy in the attempt to try on every gown imaginable? You didn’t do that when your fiancée proposed so it shouldn’t be any different now.

The right man is just like couture, if it doesn’t fit properly it’s a mess. The right dress is absolutely the same and we women are smart, we know right away what fits and what doesn’t.

So relax, don’t over think this, you know what you love; now go out and get it.

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